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by Ian Dalgleish

The Vickers Viking Plane which crashed at Irish Law
My thanks to Alan McFarland for the photos below.
[ Alan's email address is unknown - can anyone help ? ]
Alan hiked up to the plan soon after the crash. Here is his story:

I have three black and white photographs of that Viking crash site - one showing a group of Ardossan Academy students perched on the tail. Lewis (Wakes) Wright and I hiked up to Irish Law  immediately after the plane went down. The thing was still smouldering when we got there. The fuselage was completely burned out except for the wings and two radial engines; the tail had been shed about 200 yards behind the plane. We camped in a pup tent for several nights next to the wreck and in heavy mist, like good (and inquisitive) young Scouts, we scoured the area for survivors and clues. Unknown to us the "survivors" had already staggered across the moors down to Largs.
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